From Malcesine in the northernmost area of Lake Garda, where the first company premises were founded in the eighties, to Bardolino on the south-western shore, where the company is currently located.


After just a few years of operation, Olearia del Garda needed to make a move in order to accommodate increased volumes of oil in larger premises.

A shift from the north to the south of the lake but without moving away from the crucial element which inspires the business: the wonderful olive groves of Lake Garda, where it all started.


Indeed, these high quality trees have been growing on the sunny terraces of the moraine hills surrounding Lake Garda for centuries, providing a fundamental component of the Mediterranean diet and culture and an inestimable resource for this land of glacial deposit, seemingly too far north to allow their cultivation.



The particular climate, moderated by the influence of the lake, and the deep sandy soil left behind by glacial erosion, which allows good water penetration without excessive drying, actually provide favourable conditions for the cultivation of this plant, resulting in a particularly valued and prestigious product with extraordinary organoleptic properties: the “Garda DOP” Extra Virgin Olive Oil, flagship product of Olearia del Garda among its many products.