Olearia del Garda – Oil Garda

Flexibility and personal service are the main features which make Olearia del Garda your trusted supplier of olive oil Garda, with a wide variety of oils on offer and personalized provision available to your specification.


The company was founded in the early eighties by Augusto Erbifori, who brought thirty years’ experience in the olive oil sector to the business, which proved efficient and productive from the start, handling increasing quantities of olive oil.

The firm soon established itself with the leading distribution chains, which today remain our most important Italian clients.


And, with a major programme of market penetration abroad undertaken since the early days, Garda Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not only to be found in Italy: a significant portion is exported to prestigious international firms – around 55% of the total of 4 million litres.

ditta olearia

With an annual turnover of around 15-20 million euros, today the company is entrusted to the founder’s son Roberto Erbifori, who runs it together with export manager Mario Rotaris.


Thanks also to the professionalism of the company’s nine employees, Olearia del Garda brings commitment and conviction to its mission of distributing quality olive oil, sustaining the tradition of the Mediterranean diet and taking it to the wider world.