Extra virgin olive oil

Le Colline


Obtained exclusively from olives of Italian origin, chosen from the best varieties, this Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an oil with excellent organoleptic characteristics, appreciated by the most sophisticated and demanding palates.

The harmonious and balanced flavor and the low acidity make it a high quality condiment.


To be used raw to flavor salads, first courses, roasts and red meats.

Medium fruity oil, rich in polyphenols, with an excellent balance between spicy bitterness, aftertaste of artichoke and aromatic herbs.

Recipes & advice

Simple but tasty recipes, easy to prepare with a special ingredient: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, capable of making every dish light, healthy and fragrant.

Try the Guacamole sauce with our “Le Colline” extra virgin olive oil

Tasty dish typical of Roman cuisine.

Useful tips for protecting and preserving it