Extra virgin olive oil



With this product, which exploits the double meaning of the term ‘augusto’, we wanted to remember the figure of the founder of Olearia del Garda: Augusto Erbifori.

Being well aware of his meticulousness in the selection of the oils from which he produced the blends that made his business successful over the years, we have scrupulously followed the same principles to offer you the flavour of this product.


Excellent for preparing cakes and baked products, as well as for accompanying salads, fish and white meat.

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Lightly fruity, sweet, slightly bitter and spicy, with hints of green and grass.

Recipes & advice

Simple but tasty recipes, easy to prepare with a special ingredient: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, capable of making every dish light, healthy and fragrant.

Try the Guacamole sauce with our “Le Colline” extra virgin olive oil

Tasty dish typical of Roman cuisine.

Useful tips for protecting and preserving it