Extra virgin olive oil

Garda Dop

The extraordinary organoleptic properties that make Garda DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil unique come from Lake Garda’s particular microclimate and our use of the most modern harvesting and milling techniques.

Garda Extra Virgin Olive Oil, certified “GARDA DOP”, the Protected Designation of Origin attesting to production and quality standards and complying with specific production regulations, is Olearia del Garda’s flagship product, part of a wide range of products developed to satisfy every need and palate.


A highly versatile cooking oil, to be consumed raw or cooked. Due to its lightness, it goes with all meat, fish and cheese dishes and is also perfect for preparing desserts.

Particularly pleasant to the palate, Garda Extra Virgin Olive Oil stands out for its very low acidity (maximum acidity in oleic acid 0.5%), excellent digestibility and a delicate, fruity taste with a hint of sweet almond. The high chlorophyll content, which gives it its typical green-golden to yellow colour, helps preserve its freshness.

The origins of Garda DOP Oil

Since ancient times, the Lake Garda area has been known for its extraordinary climate.

The lake, with its enormous water mass, and the surrounding mountains, which act as a barrier against the coldest currents, give rise to a mild climate that favours the development of some typically Mediterranean tree species such as the olive.

The Garda area, in fact, is the northernmost olive growing area in Europe. For centuries, this stone fruit plant of great quality has grown on the sunny terraces of the moraine hills surrounding Lake Garda.

The cultivation of olive trees in the area seems to date back to Roman times, as archaeological findings testify.
With the fall of the Roman Empire and the barbarian invasions that followed, however, the countryside fell into a state of neglect.

It was not until the early Middle Ages that cultivation of this noble plant was resumed; monks, in particular, played a key role in the development of agriculture and the production of oil, which was used for religious rites as well as food. During the Renaissance, a period that saw a surge in oil consumption, olive cultivation was reorganised with a system of terraces overlooking the lake.

The most widespread varieties of olive trees in the Garda area are: Casaliva (a variety native to Lake Garda) Frantoio and Leccino. Today, Garda DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil is appreciated all over the world and is one of the top 5 Italian DOP olive oils.

In 1997, Garda Extra Virgin Olive Oil was granted Protected Designation of Origin status by the European Union. The PDO mark (DOP in Italian) which certifies its origin and high production standards, is a guarantee for the consumer.

Recipes & advice

Simple but tasty recipes, easy to prepare with a special ingredient: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, capable of making every dish light, healthy and fragrant.

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