Extra virgin olive oil

Drupa Oro


The drupe (fruit) of the olive tree has provided Italian cuisine with a precious condiment for centuries. Among producer countries, Italy has always stood out for the high quality of its oil.

Italian oil, rich in oleic acid (monounsaturated fatty acid), is famously rich in polyphenols, indispensable antioxidants, and tocopherol, a primary source of vitamin E.

100% of the olives that give rise to this Extra Virgin Olive Oil come from Italy.


Ideal to be enjoyed raw and for all traditional cooking preparations.

Medium intensity of green fruitiness, with hints of artichoke and almond combined with light, but persistent spicy and bitter notes.

Recipes & advice

Simple but tasty recipes, easy to prepare with a special ingredient: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, capable of making every dish light, healthy and fragrant.

Try the Guacamole sauce with our “Le Colline” extra virgin olive oil

Tasty dish typical of Roman cuisine.

Useful tips for protecting and preserving it