Correct oil storage

Useful tips for protecting and preserving it

Did you know that… the main threat to oil is oxidation?

This reaction, in fact, alters the oil’s chemical structure causing quality to deteriorate and a reduction in its multiple health properties.

In all stages of the process, we follow scrupulous procedures to preserve the oil’s qualities and organoleptic properties unaltered.

But, at home, how can oil be properly protected and stored?

Here are some tips:

  • Buy as much oil as you can consume in a year.
  • Buy containers of a size suitable for ready consumption (1-3 months' consumption).
  • Make sure the oil container is hermetically sealed before opening and, once opened, remember to close the cap each time.
  • Store your oil in a dark place
  • Store your oil at a temperature of between 13°C and 25°C
  • Keep your oil away from heat sources and from detergents, fumes or vapours generated during cooking.
  • Do not store oil in a refrigerator: the temperature of the refrigerator can help prevent oxidation, but the cold can cause the unsaturated fatty acids to solidify, reducing valuable substances such as polyphenols.
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