Olearia del Garda

A quality tradition

Our products

A scrupulous selection of Extra Virgin Olive Oils so that our customers are offered only the best.

Discover our products: the famous Garda DOP, Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Organic Farming, 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the other oils in our range.

Garda DOP

An oil with extraordinary organoleptic properties, distinguished by its lightness, very low acidity, excellent digestibility and a delicate, fruity taste. The DOP mark, certifying its origin and high production standards, is a guarantee for the consumer.

About us

The business originated from the precious Garda olive trees which are the main inspirational force behind the company.

For over thirty years Olearia del Garda has dedicated itself to the selection and distribution of one of the most important ingredients of the Mediterranean diet: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Recipes & advice

Simple but tasty recipes, easy to prepare with a special ingredient: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, capable of making every dish light, healthy and fragrant.

Try the Guacamole sauce with our “Le Colline” extra virgin olive oil

Tasty dish typical of Roman cuisine.

Useful tips for protecting and preserving it

Certified quality

Olearia del Garda's focus on selecting the best olive oils is rooted in the constant implementation of clearly defined quality systems that optimise the company's work processes and underlie the quality of the product and service offered to the customer.

To make our responsibility tangible, since 2002 we have obtained voluntary attestations of our internal quality system through certification complying with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards and since 2013 in compliance with the internationally recognised BRC and IFS standards. For many years, Olearia del Garda has also received certification for the production and sale of products from Organic Farming, with annual audits.